The joining process has been designed so we can get you up and running with the agency as soon as possible.

  1. Please complete the contact details information and profession details
  2. Upload your resume with at least two references
  3. We will contact your referees and we will make a decision on your application
  4. If necessary we will contact you to discuss your application and obtain any further information should we need to
  5. Provided everything is ok we will contact you to arrange a time for your commencement interview
  6.  Download, complete and upload all relevant forms, or email to, or bring them in for your interview.
  7.  Please ensure you read the contract terms and tick the box at the bottom to proceed with your application, Thank you.

We endeavour to process all applications as quickly as possible, however if your application is missing information or your referees are not contactable your application will be delayed until we have all of the required information to make a decision about your potential employment. Most applications that are held up are due to unusable or un-contactable referees or missing documents. Please ensure you have uploaded appropriate referees for us to contact to avoid delaying the process.

The commencement interview involves meeting with a team member and completing all of the required forms (if they haven’t already been provided) for you to work with us. We will also provide you with everything you need to get started with the agency, including purchasing your uniform and obtaining an ID badge.

Providing you have supplied us with all of the necessary documentation at the interview, you will be able to start working straight away.

Contact Details

Document Upload

Please upload all completed relevant documents to assist with your application in each of the sections below

Only .rtf, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .png, .jpg formats (Max 2MB each)

Downloadable Forms

Please download all the required relevant documents for your application by clicking on the appropriate icons as listed below

  • Tax File Declaration Form
  • Superannuation Form
  • Pre-Employment Declaration
  • Position Description
  • Contract
  • Statutory Declaration Form